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Who is anna kournikova dating now

A neighbour later found him wandering outside in the street and called police.Officers found a ladder and broke into the house through the second-floor playroom, where Allan told them he had jumped from.We are one of the largest online dating sites in the UK, with a community of more than 1.6 million active singles dating direct on our site. Enrique Iglesias has yet to introduce longtime girlfriend Anna Kournikova to his father Julio Iglesias - despite being with her for 16 years.He says please and thank you.''I want him to be occupied...Some kids don't want to do what we do with lessons but he does. The Kournikovas moved to Florida from their native Moscow when Anna was 10 after she gained a place at the Nick Bolletieri academy.Anna Kournikova's mother goes about her daily business today fearing she could be jailed for up to 15 years f she is convicted of child neglect.Alla, who moved to Florida from Russia nearly 20 years ago as her daughter pursued a pro tennis career, is accused of leaving her five-year-old son home alone.

'Our primary focus is always making sure the child is safe,' she said.She left him a telephone and locked the front door with a dead-bolt to stop him wandering out.'Kournikova knowingly left her five-year-old son in her residence unsupervised for in excess of 50 minutes,' said Detective Keith Medeiros in a police report.'The boy jumped off a second storey roof that was approximately 15 feet high and landed in a white stone yard between two air conditioning units.The child stated he hung by his hands before letting go.' Allan landed painfully on a patch of stones with no shoes or socks, then headed for the swimming pool to soothe his injured feet.Neglect: Anna Kournikova, right, and her mother Alla, left, smile at her little brother, Allan, in Miami in this 2007 file photo.Alla has now been charged with neglect after Allan, now five, jumped from a second-storey window Police left a message on Mrs Kournikova's mobile voicemail and met her when she returned home.'She stated that the child was awake and sitting on the couch watching television at the time she left the residence and that he did not want to go with her to run errands.

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