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A log provider can be a text file, the SQL Server Profiler, a SQL Server relational database, a Windows event log, or an XML file.If necessary, you can define a custom log provider (e.g., a proprietary file format).Checkpoint mechanism uses a Text File to mark the point of package failure.These checkpoint files are automatically created at a given location upon the package failure and automatically deleted once the package ends up with success.Package configurations help in managing such changes without actually opening and editing the SSIS package in BIDS.After deploying the package to a different machine (using SQL Server or file system deployment mode) it is mandatory to copy the related package configuration files on to that machine.To repeat tasks for each element in a collection, for example retrieve files from a folder, running T-SQL statements that reside in multiple files, or running a command for multiple objects.

or using Start and End Date fields to indicate the validity of the record. Load Package(@"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server0\DTS\Packages\Integration Services Project2\Package.dtsx", null); Microsoft. This container runs a Control Flow repeatedly using an enumerator.

This helps to MOVE only valid data to destination and JUNK can be captured into separate file.

: The lookup cache starts off empty at the beginning of the data flow. Caching takes place before any rows are read from the data flow source.

Data Sources, Transformations, and Data Destinations are the three important categories in the Data Flow.

AGGEGATE: The Aggregate transformation applies aggregate functions to column values and copies the results to the transformation output.

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Indicated in control flow by a solid color line along with a small ‘fx’ icon next to it.

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