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Sometimes in life, all it takes is someone to broker an introduction and success will follow.

What I have found with Sheree is she makes great matches because of her very personal approach. " Thank you Sheree for your help, I am so happy with your results.

:) ) As a strong willed, A-type personality egotistic male I thought I knew it all, but surprisingly I didn't.

In a very short time she introduced me to a wonderful man who is everything I am looking for.

With a busy lifestyle, working with Sheree has been a blessing and I am grateful to have an amazing partner in my life because of her!

Thanks to Sheree, I got out of the rut I was in and was able to meet new people.

Working in Public Relations has trained me to look for people who make a difference in the lives of others. She is the most resourceful and helpful person I know.

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The truth is I am much happier the second time around but I did listen to Sheree a little bit more when making choices. After watching Sheree on local TV, her perspective on dating in Vancouver caught my attention and I decided to contact her to learn more about her business.