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Tredici settimane di laboratorio, lezioni teoriche e pratiche per acquisire nel minor tempo possibile l’autonomia e la conoscenza degli ingredienti, le tecniche e le basi della pasticceria. In i Cook organizziamo regolarmente corsi di specializzaione ed eventi di cucina e pasticceria, dedicati ai professionisti di settore ed esperti, che desiderano aumentare le loro capacità in specifici ambiti di lavoro.

A surface lift is a means of cable transport that transports skiers and snowboarders, in which riders remain on the ground as they are pulled uphill.

The grade of this style of rope tow is limited by passenger grip strength and the fact that pulleys cannot be used.

A development of the simple rope tow was the handle tow (or pony lift), where plastic or metal handles are permanently attached to the rope.

This system was used on many fields worldwide from the 1940s, and remains popular at 'club fields', especially in New Zealand.J-bars have been superseded by T-bars which have twice the capacity.A J-bar closely resembles a T-bar, except that each carrier holds only one passenger.Some were designed and used in the 1930s and 40s, but the most successful was the "nutcracker" attached to a harness around the hips.To this is attached a clamp, much like the nutcracker from which it derives its name, which the rider attaches to the rope.

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A rope tow consists of a cable or rope running through a bullwheel (pulley) at the bottom and one at the top, powered by an engine at one end.