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Mr Pesce says a packed auditorium listened to Sir Tim and other experts in the emerging technology discuss the potential of the World Wide Web.

He says one speaker spoke of a fully interactive television programming broadcast, something that is now commonplace as viewers watch Twitter commentary appear at the bottom of their television screens on their favourite programs.

The success of the venture was not lost on Microsoft, which purchased the email service a year later for a reported 0 million.The World Wide Web was released to the public by CERN in 1993, launching entire industries and revolutionising old ones.Twenty years on, we take a look at the World Wide Web and the broader changes we have seen courtesy of the internet, a network of networks which includes email and instant messaging services.With web-based mail proving popular, Gmail entered the market enticing users with greater storage than many existing mail providers at the time.Ten years after the World Wide Web was released onto an unsuspecting public, 70 per cent of households had internet access.

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Building on the concept of peer-to-peer networks such as Napster, Skype was soon born.

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