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Sex cams online kilmarnocki

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His lawyer added: “Mr Reilly is under no illusions about the gravity of the situation in which he finds himself.Reilly initially began viewing the images “as a result of incidents that happened to him when he was a young child”, but accepted it went beyond this and he became addicted.Alcohol had also played a part as a “disinhibitor”.He also initially claimed he didn’t get sexual gratification from the images he viewed, but admitted in court this was not true.Defence lawyer Greg Farrell said his client had not been “entirely forthcoming” with social workers, and “accepts that he was defensive”, adding: “He became, on at least one occasion, hostile.” Mr Farrell said Reilly’s police officer wife was standing by him, adding: “When he says that his family support him, he is at pains to point out that that does not mean in any way that they condone his behaviour. They are appalled and shocked at his behaviour.” He said Reilly would never again hold the responsibility and trust he once had, with the former police officer describing his own behaviour as “vile”, “dreadful” and “appalling”.

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