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Despite all the hard copies, every report, every researcher's note, every field log and every file photo was logged into a computer database somewhere. One day, two hours, and exactly forty-nine seconds ago, Byantara finished his lab work, packed up, cleaned Chamber 2A-2-1 and secured several large marital aids to the floor before locking up. cowered beneath his desk as the walls began to bleed and the ceiling screamed his name. " Researcher Eisenberg sat at his desk, absentmindedly stroking Nastasia, his linen cat.Every personnel transfer, every requisition form, every security feed, all set up in little 0's and 1's on a hard drive somewhere. He proceeded similarly for Chamber 2A-2-3, -2-5, -2-7 and -2-9, and left the building with a little smile. He was too busy wetting his pants to notice SCP-050 disappear from his office, later to be found in the locker of Junior Researcher Byantara. "I'll teach him to cut the latin…wait, that's an idea.".She tried to scream but couldn't, her throat beginning to close as she desperately hit the call button again and again and again… He might be here for a while, and they were using up too much air. Four days, seven hours, two minutes and fifty-five seconds ago, Byantara began painting the offices on the third floor of Block 2A, by himself, using two paint rollers, a crate of white paint, a box of plaster, a crate of tomatoes, and several dozen rolled-up meters of ultra-thin semi-permeable tubing.Few people had a true appreciation for just how ingrained computers were with every single aspect of modern society, and the Foundation was no exception. Sorry, didn't think you'd be so jumpy." Eisenberg stopped, eyeing the doctor warily, but kept his hand resting on the top drawer. " "Word around the site is that you got 1006 to net Kap. He reflected on how their lungs filled with filth and life drained from their bodies, a testament to how life starts pure and ignorance weighs innocence down with shit. "Here I stew in filth, Waiting for the Bombs Big Boom. Two days, twelve hours, thirty-seven minutes and thirty-two seconds ago, a parcel arrived for Site-19, sealed with black tape and hastily recovered from designated post box PO-2354 by a certain shifty-looking Junior Researcher sent to collect the daily personal mail.The coders and hardware gurus had a whole, unique set of regulations and security clearances, and the amount of information you were exposed to above your classification level was directly proportional to your time on the job. Researcher Eisenberg visibly balked at the sudden intrusion, his eyes darting to the statue on his desk before reaching for the top drawer. Tucked in safely mere inches above the ceiling of Doctor Los's freshly painted office, forty-eight plastic phalluses began to hum. The collective vibrations caused by the forty-eight sex toys would be building up to the maximum by now, shaking the ceiling - and walls - of every office on the floor below it, rupturing the many little sachets of tomato juice seeded in the plaster beneath the apple-scented white paint. A glance at the current tally showed him however, that the statue has changed owners several times since he started his preparations, currently residing at the desk of some no-name Junior Researcher… "Bloody hell, hope this ink is black enough…" His sweaty hands grabbed the worn leather of SCP-141, an act that would make many a bibliophile cringe, and he began to laboriously scribble onto the first free page, trying to imitate the original writing as well as possible. A quick search, and even quicker email from a disposable address later, Vladim. Eisenberg, in his mind already a Senior Researcher, walked back to his office. I wonder if the big one counts as Sn-" His thoughts were interrupted by a kick into the door, and in the next moment, he had to take cover behind his desk from a hail of bullets, accompanied by an even stronger hail of high-fidelity Russian swearing. Here's the plan." As he watched the gelatinous form move from the room, a smile formed on Junior Researcher Tad's face. It was luck that he walked by Eisenberg's office just in time to see the statue appear on his desk.The guys that ran the networks and made sure the workstations functioned knew more than most of the researchers, though maybe not as much as that one janitor. He set off at a brisk pace down the hallway, hoping to get there before anyone else did. As expected, not only was the comms office a very long distance away, it was also utter chaos. Sitting at his desk, Junior Researcher Byantara was enjoying the fruit of a day's work - SCP-050 stood on his surprisingly clean table, and if it was his lucky day, he might just about be among the few Foundation employees to ever skip a rank. A desk that the monkey statue has conveniently disappeared from. Eisenberg sipped at his tea, giving glances to his prize every few seconds. Making sure that no fool would try to win the statue. As the orange form lowered down, it's pseudopods at the ready.

Lament opened the door to his office, seeing a single, solitary box laying there, carefully gift-wrapped and tied with a neat bow. Researcher Eisenberg seen leaving the enclosure of SCP-1006, carrying a bucket. He was going to enjoy the next few minutes, than probably regret getting involved in the first place. As Tad passed through an open door, the bucket teetering there fell forward, onto his head. He poked his head in, and saw Father Jakal stroking a small statue. After an hour or so of research, Doctor Vorenus was ready.It wasn't even close to his birthday, but there was no way any sort of bomb or other device could have made it that deep into a secure Foundation site, so he took it inside and opened it up. T-245 minutes Researcher Eisenberg enters SCP-786's secure room in Site-19 storage. Lenin can be seen on his back, and a text later identified as the entire text of "State and Revolution" in 8 pt. T 20 minutes Desk of Researcher Eisenberg [REDACTED], markedly improving the filing order. Have you even had your entire head covered, not just in horse shit, but horse shit filled with horrible ideas? Luckily, Tad passed out before something horrible crawled out of SCP-100-J. " Dr Pullo Vorenus, Level 2 Researcher and Safe item specialist, paused as he walked past Site-19's nondenominational multipurpose chapel-crematorium-ossuary. He stopped by the Safe item storage lockers, and checked out a certain item, under the guise of "additional research on the effects of the object when combined with religious exultation and ".Kap was as surprised as anyone when the little monkey appeared on top of his computer tower, and sighed slightly at the poor devil who was going to have to treat Lament and clean up the hundreds of tiny insects from his office. INCIDENT 2011-██ T-330 minutes Researcher Eisenberg seen carrying a set of mechanic tattooing equipment, origin unknown T-310 minutes Researcher Eisenberg seen entering the enclosure of SCP-1006, carrying a bucket, a stack of papers, and his personal copies of Assorted Writings of V. T-0 Junior System Administrator Kap seen entering medical wing, distraught, lacking vestments, and covered in spiderwebs. Father Jakal looked up from his prayers, at the monkey statue which had appeared on his podium. As far as he could tell, priests didn't usually swear like that in church. A quick trip to the Site cafeteria, and the acquisition of some high-powered arc lights, and he was done.Meet some one seeking discreet relationships or for one night stand. online best place to meet your perfect swinging partner. Adult Hub the couples dating site to meet singles seeking threesomes, and partner swapping.Local site for find lesbian gay bi fem looking sex with couples tonight. from your own area or from any other location near me?

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