Psychology of intimidating people

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Psychology of intimidating people

They tend to distance themselves from the EGO, the superiority of a person.Whenever a mistake is made, they’ll be honest about it and admit it. Those awkward talks about “what’s new” or the usual dull talk about the weather with a person you haven’t seen in years is definitely out of the question.They need a subject that stimulates their brain and sparks their eyes whenever they talk about it.For some people this might be intimidating and rough.Often, strong characters are also very successful and when it comes to success, people with strong personality have one motto: Work hard and never let an opportunity go by.

You stand your ground firmly and know that nothing out there can affect your balance.

They will not try to get attention from others in any way, good or bad. Actually, all they want to do is to do a good job and succeed.

They might seem rude to attention lovers as they might show disrespect for them.

This type of people have high self-confidence and get annoyed easily.

Therefore they will not tolerate a small talk with someone who’s ignorant, fake and judgmental.

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Most of the time it is not their intention to intimidate others, but it is a result of their tough attitude.

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