Peterson pipe dating guide

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The paranoid couple rebuff the Waltons' every attempt at visitation.

John-Boy discovers the family secret, and helps the boy find a rabbi, while the others open their home for the ceremony. must come to terms with the fact that, after an initial success, he has spent most of his life in search of "the big story", but has avoided actual writing for fear of failure.

The Baldwin sisters plan to hold a family reunion when their cousin Homer (Denver Pyle) visits, but Homer runs off with their batch of over 100 jars of the "Recipe" intended for the reunion, planning to sell it in Charlottesville; then all of the invitations return because the addressees are either dead or unlocatable.

The Waltons make up for the failed reunion with a family visit to cheer the disappointed sisters. Mary Ellen plans to run away with him, thinking that she is in love with him and that he will help her fulfill her dreams of travel and adventure.

John-Boy is anxious to prove himself on a turkey hunt with his father and two friends, but finds he can't shoot a turkey, which he equates with premeditated murder.

He has no trouble killing a bear when it attacks his father.

Contrary to the front she puts up, she is out of work and money after her agent tired of dealing with her prima donna attitude.

He then uses the remaining Recipe to burn down the school, killing himself in the process.A traveling carnival comes to Walton's Mountain, but the children choose to sacrifice the money they had saved for it so that Grandma can replace her broken glasses.When the troupe becomes stranded by their dishonest ringmaster, John and Olivia allow them to stay temporarily in their barn, and the family is rewarded with a private show.He happens to be a Baldwin relative, and after a visit succumbs to the effects of their "Recipe".His tee-totaler church superior fires him, but after he humbly apologizes to John-Boy for his hypocrisy, Grandpa and John convince the congregation to look at the forgiving side of the gospel and accept him.

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