My sister is dating my ex husband alicia dating key

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My sister is dating my ex husband

My sense is that a part of what this is about for him is the fact that he has not acknowledged to himself, or verbally acknowledged to your sister and your parents, that he knows that how he entered into your family was unethical (cheating).

Anyone who cons another into having sex behind the backs of both sets of parents is on the way down, taking as many with them as possible; he/she has yet to discover the correlation between personal integrity and outcomes.

Dear Annie: Many years ago, my younger sister, "Liz," had an affair with a married man who later left his wife and married Liz.

They were together for 20 years, and though they saw a lot of my parents, they didn't spend much time with the rest of us.

But, as the text went on with my mother, I discovered that in fact, my sister and ex are dating.

THe loving part of me wants them to be happy and the human part of me gets naseus thinking about it. Seeing them together at the store the other day...thank god they didn't see me, made it all too real.I wish there was a way through this that involved them at least acknowledging that what they're doing is breaking some sort of social contract.It's easy to keep my distance where possible..seeing them together in real life is painful.She will have a period where she feels abandoned or other intense emotions and will lash out and attack me, my husband, and sisters.I've gone back and forth being able to trust her, realizing that it is inevitable that I will be hurt when I open my heart to her..cycle is about every eight months.

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About a month ago I discovered that my younger sister has started dating my ex (we were together for 8 years).

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