Mr nice guy dating

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Mr nice guy dating

She needs to be your top priority of course, but she cant be the only priority.You also must have a clearly defined honor code and code of arms.

She never called me a pussy to my face, but perhaps she thought it.

The more we talked the more I started to get a different view of the way she saw him.

Then one day, in an unguarded and candid moment, she pronounced, “He is such a pussy.” I did not hear much after that because I remember being taken aback by it a little bit.

All of this was unconscious of course, and if it were not for me seeing this play out again and again in my coaching practice, I would have chalked it up to just my own personal experience.

Why does this happen: The essence of maleness, and the hormone testosterone, is of drive, focus, protection and the desire to win. What many don’t know is it is also to be a provider, protector and support system.

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