Maternity allowance backdating updating drivers vista

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Maternity allowance backdating

A solicitor shall be deemed to practise as a solicitor if he or she engages in the provision of legal services of any kind, either restricted or non-restricted.

‘Legal services’ are services of a legal or financial nature provided by a solicitor arising from that solicitor’s practice as a solicitor.

Please note that practising certificate application forms and the practising certificate fees will not be available until after 2 December 2016, as both must be approved by Council at its December meeting.A practising certificate must be applied for on or before 1 February in each year in order to be dated 1 January of that year and thereby operate as a qualification to practise from the commencement of the year.It is therefore a legal requirement for a practising solicitor to deliver or cause to be delivered to the Registrar of Solicitors, on or before 1 February 2017, an application in the prescribed form, correctly completed and signed by the applicant solicitor personally, together with the full appropriate fee.Each EFT payment must have an easily identifiable specific reference, such as the firm or company name, the solicitor’s name, or the solicitor’s number.General references such as ‘Law Society’ or ‘practising certificate’ will not be accepted and may result in a significant delay in the issuing of the practising certificate, as the Society may not be able to identify your specific payment without an easily identifiable specific reference.

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Please note that, as mentioned above, you cannot provide legal services as a solicitor without a practising certificate in force.