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In his seven years at The Hague during this war, Prior performed the duties that Americans would expect of a cultural attache or a vice consul in the modern foreign service.Prior never married, but about the time of his appointment to The Hague he established the first of three intimate relationships with women who would successively become his mistresses for the remaining thirty years of his life.Prior shifts the emphasis, however; the main point of the poem is not the existence of bad poets but the fact that England would not support even its good ones.A recent college graduate, Prior did not forget this point.The most interesting of these poems now is the English of translators, attacking mainly Dryden but also John Sheffield, Third Earl of Mulgrave, Aphra Behn, Thomas Rymer, and Thomas Creech.Witty but uneven, the poem is important in Prior’s development for showing his close acquaintance with George Villiers, Second Duke of Buckingham’s , adapting the first hundred lines of Juvenal’s poem to attack contemporary poets.

John’s College, and (the most interesting of the lot) four times to Fleet wood Shepherd, the poet and wit who acted as intermediary between the earl of Dorset and the young men he sponsored.

In July of 1687 Prior published , which had appeared two months earlier.

In their work Prior and Montagu, a school friend, gained literary fame, travestying and deflating Dryden’s elegant beast-epic by approaching it with humdrum and unmetaphorical common sense.

Matthew Prior was the most important poet writing in England between the death of John Dryden (1700) and the poetic maturity of Alexander Pope (about 1712).

A significant influence on British and German poetry throughout the eighteenth century, Prior had an effect on several different forms: long philosophical poems either serious or half-mocking, Horatian imitations, psychologically realistic tales, and polished, metrical songs and lyrics.

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Prior objected to Dryden’s poem in content as defending Roman Catholicism by a slanderous attack on Anglicans and Dissenters, and in style as taking the devices of a tradition beast-epic but changing the animals, with unconventional symbolism, into verbose and unrecognizable types.

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