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For male Rices who already have reason to believe you are not Edmund Rice's descendants, the comparison may reveal whether or not the separate Rice families have some connection back in the British Isles.

In either case, it should be clear that some in order to get the most out of the DNA results.

Several other New England Rice families have participated in the DNA project: Group 8 (the lineage of William Marsh Rice, founder of Rice University), Group 15 (Rices of Rhode Island), and Group 17 (a family radiating from Dedham, MA).

The other New England Rices have not yet joined in sufficient numbers to be identified as separate groups.

Indeed, both Edmund and Robert have been traced back to England as their immediate place of origin, but the DNA results go further and address their "deep" roots, albeit with some uncertainty.

Back to table of contents The Edmund Rice (1638) Association has a project underway seeking to discover the ancestors of Edmund Rice and other Rice and Royce families.

This project seeks to discover the ancestry of the Rices, including those with name variants such as Royce and Reese, using patrilineal DNA testing as a supplement to conventional genealogy.

For example, the DNA patterns of Edmund Rice and Robert Royce were almost surely not of Welsh patrilineal origin, but other Rice lines could conceivably be Welsh.

Most of the American Rice families have not been traced to their European sources.

Family traditions often point to England, but some indicate Ireland, Germany, or Wales.

Although DNA testing has been decisive in settling a number of genealogical questions, some amount of conventional genealogy is necessary to help identify a participant's place within one of the Rice families.

The New England Rices belong predominantly to two large families.

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For those of you who wonder whether you may be his descendants, such a comparison can help to investigate that possibility.