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Back when sculptor Zurab Tsereteli first built the thing, in 1991-1992, the guy balancing atop an oddly proportioned stack of bronze ships (caravelles? Luzhkov took the statue, rechristened it Peter the Great (never mind that that man had been based in St.

S., nor any Latin American countries wanted the thing, not even to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Columbus blundering onto the shores of the New World. Moscow, which was run by Tsereteli’s bff, Yuri Luzhkov.

Still, between Charlie’s search for the perfect musician and Will convincing a priest to perform a Catholic service outside the church (possibly the most miraculous event to be seen yet), Will and Mac’s marriage was a memorably lovely event, albeit one marred by outside circumstances both diegetic and non. Wyatt: “You two are a couple.”Don: “We’re not, but maybe we can do this later.”Wyatt: “No, you are. It was sitting in my office in a pile of things I hadn’t gotten to yet.”Sloan: “Somebody ratted us out? ”Don: “Okay, Muggsy.” Wyatt: “You did.”Sloan: “Huh?

”Wyatt: “Yes.”Sloan: “Nobody around here would drop a dime. ”Wyatt: “You did.”Sloan: “Which one of us are you talking to?

What better example could they have set for us today than to side with freedom of speech over the espionage act. Mac Kenzie has been doing more real reporting this year than ever before—though she was hampered by a corrupt EP last year—and it fits her well. ”“…irritating.” Yes, the above quote is funnier than it is inspirational.

Mortimer has always been a fine performer, able to switch between the gullibly naive Brit (“Match Point”) to the confident brainiac she is here (she’s also got a deft ear for humor, as evidenced in “30 Rock”). Yes, Will’s plea to the court for fairness was perhaps the most tearful moment of pride to be found in the episode if not the season thus far.

Hallie’s confessional piece castigating “Tim’s” behavior, combined with her leaking Will’s return to the Correspondents’ Dinner, made her out to be the villain of the season, one who did much more damage because she used to be on the side of the righteous. It arrived with vehement hostility as Jim and Hallie had it out on the ACN balcony.

”Wyatt: “Sloan wrote a letter to HR declaring the two of you a couple.”Sloan: “Yeah, it was after you made 5 off the Chipotle trade I tipped you off to.”Don: “We spent the last two weeks trying to conceal from this man we were dating and you knew the whole time you’d sent him a letter saying we’re dating? ”Sloan: “Well obviously I was hoping he’d never find out.”Don: “Well you knew he was going to read the letter eventually! This was a cross-that-bridge-when-we-get-to-it situation for me. We’re at the bridge.”Wyatt: “Is lying to corporate something you two do habitually?We only have two more episodes of “The Newsroom” before ACN shuts down forever for us folk in the real world, and I’m going to remember it for these small touches of heart as much as the big. I’m sure there will be plenty of the latter coming in the final two hours, so let’s take a moment and remember the former today. Casting Hallie as the representative of all things wrong with modern journalism won’t help Sorkin overcome the critics who see him having a problem with women, even if he has worked overtime making Maggie and Mac into less targetable lightning rods for critics.Still, here’s hoping he got it all out, as Sorkin is always better when he’s less worried about how his characters make him look and instead lets them be who he really wants them to be, from the get go.


Everything Jim said represented a fight Sorkin has had through or because of “The Newsroom,” and before he could move on with the story itself, it felt like he needed to set the record straight.

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