Dating places in cebu city

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The plan was to travel first thing in the morning and spend the rest of the hours of Day 1 experiencing some Cebu City night life.

Thank heavens for sending us angels who told us that what we had in mind was the worst idea of all since the island is 5 hours of travel away from the city and we might as well be wasting time if we are to wait until morning given our limited time.

Cebu wasn’t dubbed as the “Queen City Of The South” for nothing.

In fact, it is one of the most significant cities in our country’s history and one where our cultural heritage is the richest. Old churches stood amidst the hustle and bustle along with exciting new attractions which draw in a fair deal of both local and foreign visitors everyday.

-Explore Hilantagan Island and check the locals -Do some beach loving in the untouched Virgin Islands INLAND TOUR -Have a sumptuous lunch in one of the many restaurants in the island -Bathe in Ogtong Cave's subterreanean pool -Explore the long stretch of powdery white sand beach in Sta.

Fe -Drop a visit Obo Ob Mangove Garden -Drop by the most beautiful spot in the island which they call Pantalan -Visit Bantayan Church which is percieved to be the oldest church in Cebu -Spend solitary hours in Kota Beach home to Camp Sawi Island Hopping Tour @ P700/2 - P350 Inland Tour @ P700/2 - P350 Entrance Fees - P250 --Virgin Island - P100 --Ogtong Cave - P100 --Mangrove Garden - P50 Food - P390 --Breakfast - P15 --Lunch - P310 --Dinner - P65 Roundtrip Fare - P560 --Bus @170/way - P340 --Ferry & Terminal Fee @110/way - P220 Sleep - P200 Total - P2100 Note: We left Bantayan Island at 6PM catching ourselves the last trip back to Cebu as we were headed to Oslob the following day.

I was tempted to sign up for the P1500 day tour offered by Bluewater Resort but I figured a cheaper way to do it.Sumilon Island @ P1200/2 - P600 Chasing Waterfalls And Oslob Tour @ P800/2 - P400 Food - P400 --Lunch P200 --Dinner P200 Entrance Fees - P70 --Sumilon P50 --Aguinid Falls P20 Guide Fee Aguinid Falls - P100 Fare - P300 --Ferry to Sibulan Port P75 --Trike to Dumaguete P60 --Bus To Oslob P165 Sleep - P250 (Harold's Mansion) Total - P2120 Note: After kicking off our South Cebu tour, we then travelled to Dumaguete to get a glimpse of Manjuyod Sandbar and the dolphins the following morning.For super saving tips, wait for other groups to share the cost of the boat to Sumilon Island. 😘 When in Central Visayas, one thing you wouldn’t want to miss is to see the dolphins and marvel at the beautiful stilt houses while afloat the knee-deep turquoise water of Manjuyod Sandbar. Cebu just happens to be one of those rare and precious slice of heaven that fortunately for us is situated in the heart of the world’s 2nd largest archipelago, our beloved motherland.Cebu, one of the many beautiful islands of Visayas, is also one of the most historic provinces in the country.

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And if what you are looking for is something to satisfy your much needed dose of adrenaline, look no further.