Dating advert ideas

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Dating advert ideas

Although Google have since acknowledged that brain teasers don’t really work for recruitment, you can’t deny that this ad does a good job of filtering out the less dedicated applicants!

The answer to this tricky maths problem was the beginning of a chain that ended with a potential job as a Google engineer.

The text translates, “Life is too short for the wrong job”.

May not be cheery but you can’t deny it’s eyecatching!

In her spare time she loves a good gig, ponies and flattering Snapchat filters.

The office of the mayor of Paris has called adverts for a new dating site aimed at linking students with rich men and women 'shameful' and said officials will work with police to remove it from the city.

We generally recommend that you keep it simple with your job adverts, because getting too clever can put off as many good applicants as it attracts.

But just for fun, here are 10 unusual job ads that I can’t help but think are pretty darn awesome.

Although it then goes on to lose it by using the discriminatory “young” and clichéd “dynamic” to describe the ideal candidate. And the importance of Twitter in recruitment lives on... Having experience in the arts, charity, tech and freelance sectors she currently works for multiple clients as well as running several successful Weight Watchers meetings across Glasgow.

Call 0800 081-8181.” (back) “For sticking on the roads.”When coming up with an ad campaign for Fed Ex Kinko’s, the innovative minds at advertising agency BBDO were inspired by the streets of New York.

The agency installed oversized bottles of correction fluid, highlighters, and, in one case, an office lamp, on the city’s busy thoroughfares for a couple of days earlier this year.

Paris police had opened an investigation and that the vehicle carrying the billboard had been stopped.

Just what you want while waiting for the bus: that mouth watering, tantalizing reminder of how much you’d love to stuff your face with a 1,000 calorie burger only to be reminded later by your stomach it wasn’t the best decision you could have made.

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The body said the advertising campaign ‘is aimed at attracting vulnerable students...

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  1. They lured him in to Paddy's by telling him Dee wanted to date him and gave him a head start. Frank convinced Cricket to help teach Mac and Dennis a lesson, but was abandoned and left in a room with Mac and Dennis, who promptly tea-bagged him.